Mike Van Gorkom


Festivals of Papua New Guinea

In August of 2018 I spent 4 weeks on the island of New Guinea. Half of that time was in Papua New Guinea, discovering many beautiful tribal communities and three incredible festivals. The preparation for these festivals was often more wondrous than the spectacle of the festival itself, so the first half of the video is devoted to that preparation, while the second half is devoted to the dance, music, and artistry of these amazing tribes.


- Mount Hagen Cultural Festival

- 4th Annual Middle Sepik Festival

- Paiya Mini Show

Thanks to Beth Whitman and WanderTours for guidance and insights on our journeys across this magnificent country, as well as to my travel mates for their assistance and patience when getting these shots.


Edited and Color Graded in Final Cut Pro X

My Kit: https://kit.com/mikevangorkom

Music: Unlimited Imagination by Remember The Future

Licensed from Premium Beat https://www.premiumbeat.com